Welcome to the world of mystery.


Here is the link  to download the SplineGen PluginJust Drop into your c4d>plugins folder and enjoy!

SplineGen Introduction from alex van dyne` on Vimeo.

Here is the link to download the Keep Floored Tag Plugin. Just Drop into your c4d>plugins folder and enjoy!

All plugins are both mac and pc compatible thanks to Python, but unfortunately they will only run in c4d r12.048 and ABOVE... also thanks to python. Also, all plugins show up under the "Python" menu. Please leave any comments below!


  1. Hey Alex, I've tried but Cinema don't load these plugins.
    I use OSX 10.6.8 & C4D R12.032 64 bit, maybe load it in 32 bit mode?
    I need SplineGen so, give it a try if it's possible.
    Many thanks


  2. Hey serj! Make sure you drop the plugin folder an not the zipped outer folder. I'm running the same setup as you roughly and it worked for me! Let me know if the folder structure thing messed you up or if there is something else going wrong.

  3. Sorry, I solved|
    It was my mistake.
    Thanks Again|


  4. Hi Alex! Thank you for the great plugins.
    However are theese only for C4D v12 and above?
    Since SplineGen loads correctly in C4D v11.5 through Py4D but than seems to not work at all.
    KeepFloored instead doesn't show up at all.
    Any advise?

    Thank you

  5. Hi, Alex.
    I have the same problem with running the script.

    Here are some error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 43, in
    RuntimeError: The plugin ID '1027396 'collides with another plugin ID in' Python '.
    You have to use a unique ID for registering your plugin!
    You can get a personal number for free from PluginCafe at www.plugincafe.com

    my system: mac os 10.7 and C4D R12.043 64 bit

  6. Hmmm. As far as the plugin working in 11.5 , it's not gonna happen with py4d because the API has been updated for r12. Regarding the plugin ID, I'm using the one that I got from plugin cafe, so it has to be that someone else's plugin is colliding with mine.

  7. SplineGen download link not working.
    "Unscheduled System Maintenance"